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    wmu lets me download scaled JPGs, including those where I only have a NEF on the camera. Again these are scaled to some figure, I haven’t checked exactly what the specs are but they’re significantly higher than getlargethumbs.

    I can shoot in RAW+JPEG and just download the JPG files but this is bad for two reasons: It means I have to shoot in RAW+JPEG and that has a load of nonsense with it, but more importantly, the wireless transfer is much faster when it’s just transferring a scaled render.

    I realise this might be specific to some Nikon models but it would be a really great feature. Could you look into it please? I’m not sure how getlargethumbs works but it might be as simple as extending that to a sensible usable limit (eg 2048×2048).


    I haven’t looked into how WMU is able to request scaled images from the camera. I assume it’s an undocumented MTP request. If I have time I’ll analyze a request from WMU with Wireshark and see how it’s done.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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