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    Iain Strachan

    First of all, I’d like to say a massive thank you for developing this app!

    The Sony Play Memories software had been driving me insane with its incredible slowness, huge numbers of bugs and continual crashing! I can honestly say it has generated more bad language from me in the last couple of days than just about any other program! I’m not proud of that, but really it is awful.

    By contrast, your instructions for setup (with my Sony camera) are admirably clear, and went without a hitch & I got it working!

    However … it all seems to have fallen apart after I (a) reset the camera’s clock, which was way out and (b) reformatted the memory card.

    Now, when I ask it to transfer the data, bizarrely it seems to report only the existence of two files that I had previously erased from the card, and doesn’t see any new ones. I cannot see how this is possible, unless the program is somehow remembering what it downloaded before – but these files should not be on the card.

    Any ideas how to clear this problem?

    Iain Strachan

    Just to confirm – I checked what was on the card by re-enabling the auto-mount. The card says file numbers DSC00635.JPG and DSC00637.JPG are on the card. But when I run airnef, it “finds” DSC00620.jpg and DSC00621.jpg and skips them as they are already downloaded – but clearly it couldn.t download them anyway because they aren’t on the card!



    Airnef maintains a history of files it has downloaded to allow those files to be optionally skipped in future sessions. It uses a combination of the filename, size, and date to unique distinguish each image – that way it doesn’t get confused if the camera reuses the same filename for future images, such as when the counter wraps or if the camera is configured to reset the file counter upon formatting.

    The behavior you’re describing sounds like Airnef is getting confused about its history and what’s on the card. Can you please run a session with the Logging level set to ‘debug’ and send me the resulting to In the email please also include a list of files that are actually on the card – that way I can compare that to the files listed in the debug log.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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