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    Great JOB!!!

    Fantastic application, the “select on computer” works perfect on EOS 6D and Ubuntu Linux.

    I guest that some people question now would be why this and not the EOS Canon soft? because there is no version of the Canon EOS software for linux (neither for older MacOSX versions) and it does not install when used under the Wine compatibility layer.

    By the way, before your application, I tried some workarounds with the DLNA server on camera and a DLNA client, but it looks like Cannon it does no comply with the specifications; so meanwhile it does return a list of files, it fails with a non-authorized error on the actual file transfer. It is great that you solved this issue.

    The question is how it works the “select in camera” option on the Cannon? Did anybody tried that? Could the wireless printing options used for this?

    Very best,



    Hi David,

    Thanks for the feedback. The 6D supports selecting images in the camera during the WiFi set configuration, where you can select by some criteria including how image(s) were ranked (1-5 stars) in the playback menu. I would have thought this mechanism would work by the camera limiting which images airnef can see based on that camera-selected criteria but it appears there is some other mechanism the camera uses to notify host software (like airnef) about which images were selected. airnef doesn’t currently support whatever mechanism that is but I’ll try to find time to capture a 6D -> Canon software session with Wireshark to reverse engineer what it is.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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