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    Any suggestion which of these cameras works best with airnef? I currently own only D5100 without wifi.

    I briefly tried a D5600 but it seems to suffer from the snapbridge problem where the wifi doesn’t turn on unless you use the snapbridge app. Having to touch the app at all is the opposite of my hands-off realtime download hope, but Nikon seems to have really managed to create a particularly frustrating app.

    Does the wifi just stay turned on for D5300 or D5500? Does it need to be manually turned back on after a period of time, or after replacing the battery?

    Should I look at any of the D3000 or D7000 cameras? Really hoping to buy a camera where I can just turn wifi on, set airnef up to always run, and have the pictures realtime download without fiddling. Is that even possible?


    We use Airnef when we do our baby session days (Mobile studio, 40-60 sittings in a day) and Airnef has changed our lives.

    Set up is made up of a D7200, with ‘Live Download’ running. IT is not faultless, we have to maybe reset the camera’s wifi a couple of times a day – but that’s more hardware than anything else I think.

    It is amazing though – my wife takes a picture, it is shared automatically to a laptop, which then shares to the other screens – you can see a timelapse if you are so inclined here: (If you jump to 14 seconds, you will see the first session transfer over)

    The transfer isn’t blisteringly quick – we limit to med jpeg, but you can have Raw files captured on the card, and only send the jpegs if speed is an issue.

    Airnef is, in my mind, the closest thing us Nikon users have to a truly wireless tethered solution 🙂

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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