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    I made a temporary workaround to use Airnef during ‘live shooting’ until Adam puts it in the base program. By ‘live shooting’ I mean that you shoot NEF+(small)jpeg, where the jpeg is immediately downloaded to the computer (laptop or tablet) and is shown full screen in ViewNX-i.

    First make sure you have writing privileges in the Airnef program directory. Then create a special directory where you will store the images *WITHOUT spaces in the name*, I used ‘C:\Photos’. Make a subdirectory calld ‘show’, full path is ‘C:\Photos\show’.

    Then make a text file named ‘parameters.txt’ in the Airnef program directory and put the following lines in it to set up Airnef for your situation (only text between the lines, edit to your personal needs based on the Airnef documentation):

    Additionally create a text file (batch file) named ‘airnef.bat’ (*NOT ‘airnef.bat.txt’*) and put the following lines inside (only text between the lines, if you chose another receiving directory than ‘C:\Photos’ you have to change it in the text below):
    @echo off
    airnefcmd.exe @parameters.txt

    for %%# in (“C:\Photos\*.jpg”) Do (
    SET _test=%%#
    SET _result=%_test:~-12%
    move %%# C:\Photos\show\%_result%
    “C:\Program Files\Nikon\ViewNX-i\ViewNX-i\ViewNX-i.exe” C:\Photos\show\%_result%
    timeout 3
    goto start

    “C:\Program Files\Nikon\ViewNX-i\ViewNX-i\ViewNX-i.exe”
    must be on one line with a space in between.

    To use Airnef double click ‘airnef.bat’.

    What happens is that Airnef is started and saves the jpegs in C:\Photos, then the batch file moves them to ‘C:\Photos\show’ and immediately opens the last jpeg in ViewNX-i. If you have ViewNX-i full screen the last downloaded jpeg will show up full screen.

    Next Airnef is ended but the batch file will jump to its beginning and the sequence begins again. To end the batch file press ‘CTRL+C’ and then ‘Y’ plus ‘Enter’.

    The line ‘timeout 3’ specifies a wait of 3 seconds between passes of Airnef, adjust as required.

    Tested on Windows 10 64-bit. Hope this helps.

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    Awesome, thanks for posting this. Btw if you include the path to airnefcmd.exe (or add the airnef path to your system path) then you can put the paramter file anywhere – that way you wont have to make the program directory writable. Also, you can support directory names that have spaces in them by putting quotes around the path. I didn’t document it but the extension list is case-insensitive so you can include just jpg or JPG in the –extlist.

    I have the basics of the real-time download working. I have to work on making it fault-tolerant like the normal download path – aside from handling marginal signal cases (which is even more likely for real-time shooting where the camera is further away), it’ll also allow the user turn their camera’s WiFi on/off whenever they want while shooting, so they can optionally have some time to review and delete photos before they get uploaded. On Nikon bodies the camera doesn’t let you delete photos when WiFi is on, which is kind of a bummer – I was going to have the logic automatically handle images being deleted in the camera as they’re uploaded, like how Eye-Fi does.

    Your idea of launching ViewNX for the downloaded images is great! I think I’ll add this feature in airnefcmd by including an option that allows an arbitrary program to be launched for each image downloaded, with the downloaded filename passed to the launched program (plus maybe some optional args that the user wants included as well).

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    Yes I know about the quotes (used it in the path to ViewNX-i) but I didn’t get it to work with C:\Photos\show\%_result% which includes a variable. Don’t know why and this was quickly made for a limited timeframe so I didn’t spent much time on it.

    The downside of my approach is that you can’t review images on the LCD anymore as it goes black when Airnef connects to the camera, so every three seconds. This is sort of a showstopper because the small jpeg on the laptop is mostly for the clients to see the whole image while you should be able to check the focus on the camera LCD @ 100% zoom yourself. Hope you can find a way to work around that in the final setup. I think you were planning to poll the camera to see if new images were saved, maybe that will leave the LCD working while nothing is downloaded?

    The way it often works when you shoot with clients standing around is that after you take a shot all the clients immediately huddle in front of the computer screen to review the image. So as a photographer you can’t even see or reach the computer and are basically sentenced to use the camera for review. Therefore in the (or mine) ideal case the computer is mostly a dumb ‘screen’ for clients while you can still see and do everything on the camera LCD. Deleting images (NEFs) is way down at the bottom of my priorities but sometimes necessary.

    Using ViwNX-i as a viewer is a feature Nikon has built into Camera Control Pro (their tethered camera software) from day one. So I guessed their way of making that work and I was right.

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