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    Firstly great job on the application, took me a little bit to get it working with my Sony RX100M3 but all the information was there.

    The only issue I’ve come across is that the larger videos always stop at 4.3Gb regardless of size…the OS (Fedora Core 23) & application are 64bit and the file system (ext4) doesn’t have any size restrictions like fat so I’m a bit confused why it always breaks off the video at that point and I have to plug the camera in and manually transfer them.

    The log doesn’t show any errors, it seems to think it’s been completed :

    >>>> airnefcmd session over – App Exit Time: 02/22/16 14:45:53

    airnef v1.1 – Wireless transfer of images/movies for Nikon cameras [GPL v3]
    Copyright (c), Time: 02/26/16 17:14:42, Py: 2.7.9, OS: Linux

    >> Connection Failed <<

    Could not open socket: [Errno 113] No route to host

    Connection established to
    Camera Model “DSC-RX100M3”, S/N “8081611004716698”
    Processed info for 9 files/dirs [0 from object cache, 0 previous]

    /singularity/New from RX100M3/DSC00331.JPG [size = 5,395,664] in 2.44 seconds (2.11 MB/s)
    /singularity/New from RX100M3/DSC00332.JPG [size = 5,739,243] in 2.34 seconds (2.34 MB/s)
    /singularity/New from RX100M3/DSC00333.JPG [size = 6,013,498] in 2.09 seconds (2.74 MB/s)
    /singularity/New from RX100M3/C0001.MP4 [size = 662,823,105] in 237.46 seconds (2.66 MB/s)
    /singularity/New from RX100M3/C0002.MP4 [size = 1,918,313,516] in 676.33 seconds (2.70 MB/s)
    /singularity/New from RX100M3/C0003.MP4 [size = 4,294,967,295] in 1555.87 seconds (2.63 MB/s)

    6 files downloaded in 2476.53 seconds (Average Rate = 2.65 MB/s)

    Sony transfer session done – entering staged realtime wait for new images

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



    Hi Liviy,

    Sorry for the late reply. The MTP interface that Airnef uses to communicate with the camera only allows 32-bit values for the offset and transfer size of a given file (at least for the version of the specification I have), which means the largest file it can transfer via the interface is 2^32, which works out to 4GB.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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