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    pierre lagarde


    Tested your cool soft with :
    D7100 coupled with wu-1a
    macMini mid 2011 with macOs X 10.9.5

    Works fine after some user bugs. Really simple and efficient ;).

    One suggestion (quite simple I think) :
    If I’m not wrong, the selection folder dialog (where to download images from the camera on the computers) has no “new folder” option. Would be great if it has.

    For the moment, does the job and does it well for me.

    Thanks so much, it’s great to have people like you making it and sorry if my english is not always “conventional”… I’m french 😀


    Hi Pierre,

    Your english looks good to me 🙂 Regarding creating a new directory in the directory selection dialog, the cross-platform user interface framework I’m using unfortunately doesn’t include that option in the Mac version of that dialog (it’s there in the Windows app). But I’ll look into what it will take to code a custom version of the dialog for a future version.

    pierre lagarde

    I understand. Thanks a lot for your quick answer 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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