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    Hi, just to let folk that I cannot get airnef precompiled to work with the Canon M6. For what its worth, modifying the python script as per
    and running

    ./ –ipaddress 192.168.x.y –outputdir ~/Pictures/

    works correctly and yields
    Connection established to 192.168.x.y:15740
    Camera Model “Canon EOS M6”, ……

    …the modification is simply to comment out mtpwifi.sendProbeRequest(g.socketEvents)


    Ditto for the canon eos m100.

    Any chance the source for this could be put onto github so I can fork and fix it. It’ll save me having to bookmark this page and fix the source every time I use it. (It’s a great bit of work apart from that bug!)


    I am considering either the M5 or M6 for my new all-round daily and vacation camera.

    Can anyone give me some good hints why I should choose the M6 over the M5?

    The viewfinder in the small body M5 seems like a great one to have.

    Otherwise it seems, the specs are more or less the same, right ?

    Any recommendations, towards either one of them?


    I came here again, even if no one answered me, I have the results I want, I got help from this article.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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