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    hi – I’ve followed all the steps but no matter what I try, once my computer (macbook pro on high sierra) sees the Nikon wifi, I cannot get it to connect – error message: the wifi network d850_3014699 could not be joined
    I’ve run network diagnostics, no dice.
    what am I doing wrong? thanks


    update: I can connect but only very briefly – not long enough to down load files:


    Connection established to
    Camera Model “D850”, S/N “3014699”
    MTP_OP_GetTransferList: Socket error, partial data received – 0x0 of 0x0 bytes for specific payload, 0x0 of 0x0 of total data bytes expected. Error: timed out


    try with
    –setsocketreadwritetimeout 20

    had same issue some time before, it looks airnef expects the answer “immediately”, which is not the case for the camera. My environment is D7500 and RaspberryPI 3+.

    Btw. The DHCP address range on D7500, and possibly other cams which got WiFi-only capability with last update, is changeable by WMU utility, see nikonhacker

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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