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    hi, im trying airnef, amazing app.

    im using this commandline:
    airnef –realtimedownload only –outputdir “C:\Data\Wifi Images” –ifexists skip –ipaddress –extlist JPG –cameratransferlist exitifnotavail –downloadexec “process.cmd” @pf@

    tried simpler ones also:
    –realtimedownload only –outputdir “C:\Data\Wifi Images” –ipaddress

    the problem is, i connect, everything works fine. if i disable wifi (Canon 80D) take a few pictures, and reconnect wifi, airnef download all the images i took when the wifi was disable, and then continue to get the “realtime” ones.

    I’m doing something wrong? is there a way to ignore completely the previous images (a.k.a., the non-realtime) ones? ive read the docs but the “–realtimedownload only” should not prevent download older images?

    i only want to real-time transfer the JPEG ones (i shoot raw + jpeg) when i enable the wifi, and ignore any other images.

    thanks in advance! 😉


    i think the problem is it re-download the list of objects, but it download the missing images, instead of download and replace the list of images on the camera, even with the setting of only download real-time images.

    anyone can help me with that? this script is too complex for my basic python skills 🙁



    If you’re temporarily disabling your 80D’s wifi while keeping Airnef’s realtime download session running then Airnef is operating as designed – it has no way to distinguish between your intentional communication drop (by disabling your 80D’s wifi) vs an unintentional WiFi error/communication drop, such as when the camera goes out of wireless range. As such Airnef will download all the realtime images it discovers when communication is reestablished.


    Thanks Adam for your response.

    Well, that makes sense. Maybe i’m trying to replicate Canon Utility workflow. (it does not transfer “offline” files when communication is reestablished.)

    Maybe if you ever make an update, this is a possible suggestion… “option to relist files on reconnect” 😉

    Thanks again for great program!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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