Airnef works with the D500/SnapBridge!

I’ve updated the Airnef manual with instructions on how to get SnapBridge-enabled cameras such as the Nikon D500 to work with Airnef. Here’s a link to the instructions:

Airnef SnapBridge Instructions

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4 Responses to Airnef works with the D500/SnapBridge!

  1. GregA says:

    Have you had any progress on developing a phone app for pro photogs in the field?
    Nikon has rubbish apps and has given up on them!

  2. creelcrazy says:

    I have a new Coolpix B500 but after several calls to Nikon I’ve now learned that SnapBridge won’t work with my Iphone 4s. It identifies the camera but will not pair. Being unable to use that, is there any hope of using Airnef?

  3. robertfrost says:

    Adam, good news. On version 1.20 of the D500 firmware, you can enable WiFi right from the camera, no Snapbridge tricks. From there, AirNEF works perfectly.

    I have one ask that will make AirNEF the close equivalent of the WT-7A with FTP: in “select images on computer by criteria”, can one of the criteria be that the file’s “Read Only” attribute is set? This is what happens when an image is “protected” on-camera (p273 of the manual), and this would allow selective send of NEF files. As-is, the selective send built-in to the camera only works with JPG (it’s designed for Snapbridge).


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