Airnef v1.1 now available!

Airnef v1.1 has been released and is available for download on the airnef homepage. Here is a quick list of new features and bug fixes:

  • Realtime downloads – transfers images from your camera as you shoot them
  • Sony camera support
  • Renaming engine – allows you to customize the names of directories and files for images you download
  • Download exec feature – optionally launch your favorite image viewing or editing application for each file downloaded
  • Automatically determines the IP address on cameras that support the Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP), making it easier for users to get connected to their cameras without having to know the technical details of their camera’s network configuration. Canon and Sony cameras support SSDP. Nikon does not.
  • Automatically synchronizes the camera’s time to the system’s time each time airnefcmd is executed. This is supported on Nikon and Canon bodies.
  • Support for downloading from both media cards in one session (for cameras with dual-card support)
  • Fixed support for the Nikon J5 and Nikon P900 cameras
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5 Responses to Airnef v1.1 now available!

  1. mattarse says:

    Thanks for the Sony support – took a little tweaking on my part but now works flawlessly on linux.

  2. L says:

    Tried to post on the discussion forum for airnef, but I’m not receiving (at Gmail) the registration confirmation. Testing the v1.1 airnef, I’m getting the same GUID reject error that is being reported by many others, in this case from an Ubuntu 16.04 system connected to a Nikon S9900. Thanks for your hard work on this app.

    • Adam says:

      I really wish I could help but without having an S9900 with me to experiment with it would be very hard to get to the bottom of why the camera is rejecting the GUID.

  3. Rick McEwen says:

    Hi, I’m commenting on this post because I also can’t register for forum access. I never get a registration email.

    I’m working for a startup company and we’re desperately trying to get a Canon G5X working with airnef (currrently using it with 80D and 6D and it’s working well).

    Airnef will connect to the camera but we’re getting the rejected GUID error when it tries to establish a session.

    I also can’t find any contact info for the author, Adam.

    We’d be willing to send Adam a loaner G5X camera and possibly pay for his time if it’s possible to get it working with airnef.

    It’s a great piece of software and we’d really like to get it working with the G5X.

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