Rawshack – Raw file analyzer from testcams!

I have just released the first version of Rawshack, an open source utility that reports various statistics about image data in a raw file. I created this program as part of my D7000 vs 7D exposure evaluation effort, to help me fully evaluate the exposures that these (and other) cameras create. Click Here for more information and download links!

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  1. nrob says:

    I batch process DNG files on linux, so was interested in this (saw your DPR post). I tried to g++ it on my Debian system. My package manager knew about libraw and libraw-dev packages, which I believe were packaged by the Photivo authors, and put headers in /usr/include/libraw.

    I am still missing ‘io.h’, and get a couple of dozen lines of undeclared class members and variables. Maybe not the same libraw???

    Do you have any further hints on compiling this on a linux system.

    • Adam says:

      I used the latest libraw, which is 0.13.4. I haven’t tried compiling under Linux yet but I do plan to create a Linux and Mac OS executable within the next few weeks. I believe libraw readily compiles under these other platforms but I’ll need to port a few Win32-specific elements in my source to get it working on these other platforms.

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