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Precut – Adobe Premiere source edits without transcoding (and other NLEs too!)

Precut is an open-source app I created that lets you use Adobe Premiere to perform culling edits of your source media without transcoding. The primary purpose is to reduce the size of your source files without any loss of quality. … Continue reading

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Airnef works with the D500/SnapBridge!

I’ve updated the Airnef manual with instructions on how to get SnapBridge-enabled cameras such as the Nikon D500 to work with Airnef. Here’s a link to the instructions: Airnef SnapBridge Instructions

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Airnef v1.1 now available!

Airnef v1.1 has been released and is available for download on the airnef homepage. Here is a quick list of new features and bug fixes: Realtime downloads – transfers images from your camera as you shoot them Sony camera support … Continue reading

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Airnef – Wireless download from your Nikon Camera!

Introducing Airnef, my open-source utility for downloading images and movies from your WiFi-equipped Nikon camera. Airnef runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It supports all Nikon cameras that have built-in WiFi interfaces, along with those using external Nikon WU-1a and … Continue reading

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Rawshack Version 1.01 – Linux support added

I’ve added support for you penguin lovers. You can download the Rawshack source and executables here.

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Rawshack – Raw file analyzer from testcams!

I have just released the first version of Rawshack, an open source utility that reports various statistics about image data in a raw file. I created this program as part of my D7000 vs 7D exposure evaluation effort, to help … Continue reading

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